Friday, April 26, 2019

Colorful Suspenseful Redrock Walk In Wichita Falls Lucy Park

The deluges of Tuesday and Wednesday added some colorful water to the Wichita River. But, not enough to flood Lucy Park like other recent deluges did.

This morning's walk across the Lucy Park suspension bridge provided a good look at the high flowing Wichita River, as you can clearly see here.

One would think after eons of water scouring the prairie that there would no longer be enough material to colorfully dye the Wichita River and neighboring Red River the redrock red color they are known for.

I have long been a fan of this color, ever since my first redrock experience in Utah, decades ago.

Earlier this century, I think the year was 2005, I was brought by the Knappsons to a party in the Washington town of Kent. The color scheme of the house in which the party took place was what I took to be shades of redrock. With light turquoise trim.

Ever since then I have wanted that color scheme for my own abode. The closest I have come is my current location, with brown carpet and matching wood floors. And turquoise rocks from Arizona.

Another look at the colorful Wichita River, with the view being from the center of the suspension bridge. Note the color coordinating with the color of the suspension cable complimenting the river color. I am sure this was done on purpose.

North of the suspension bridge I took a break in the Japanese pagoda and took the colorful picture you see here. I do not believe this is a natural collection of Texas wildflowers.

The Texas exterior color scheme is currently at about the most colorful it gets during the year. Soon all that you see in living color will be shades of one color.


Lucky for me brown is my favorite color, if one includes the redrock color as being a shade of brown.

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