Sunday, April 14, 2019

April Showers Bring Wichita Falls Flowers & Rapids

This second Sunday of the 2019 version of April dawned dry under a blue sky at my current North Texas location.

Yesterday wind blew, rain fell, and thunder boomed all day long.

But, no tornado sirens.

During the worst of yesterday's storming I decided it was a fine time to brave the elements, get under a bumbershoot, and make my way through the temporary moat which tries to block access to my carport in order to take Miss Daisy on a virtual drive to ALDI.

Miss Daisy seemed to enjoy the drive, splashing through the flooded intersections, and then the final turn on the road to ALDI, that being Lawrence Road, which when too much rain falls that road turns into a river, with the flow making the drive to ALDI into a splashy push upriver til finally docking the pseudo boat in the ALDI parking lot.

I heard somewhere that April showers are responsible for bringing May flowers, or something like that. I have no way of knowing if it was yesterday's April showers which brought about the way before May flowers you see my bike's handlebars hovering over in the photo above.

As you can see looking down into the Holliday Creek canyon, below the field of flowers, yesterday's deluge is rendering rapids on Holliday Creek.

When this happens I am always a little surprised that I never see anyone shooting the Holliday Creek rapids in a kayak. It would seem one could have themselves a mighty fine float all the way from the Lake Wichita dam spillway to the Wichita River a few miles downstream.

There must be some dangers of which I am not aware which prevents anyone from taking this Wichita Falls water ride.

By tomorrow chilly temperatures are scheduled to be replaced by heat, so today's running of the furnace will likely be again replaced by the running of the air conditioner. I am hoping today is the last day the furnace will be needed until many months from now...

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