Thursday, March 2, 2017

Wichita Falls Flood Destroys Thousands Of Books

Lately, blogging-wise, I seem to be about the books, all about the books.

In the past couple days I have Looked Inside Sikes Lake Center Wichita Falls Literacy Council Book Fair Prep Not Googling Gosling and Loaded Books For The Wichita Adult Literacy Council's 17th Annual Book Fair.

This morning I learned that a malfunctioning sprinkler, which was intended to only spew water when a fire was detected, went rogue and spewed thousands of gallons over the course of an hour or so, til the flood was discovered and stopped.

By the time the water was not turned off thousands of books were ruined.

No, this disaster did not occur at the Sikes Lake Center, which is the location of the 17th Annual Wichita Falls Literacy Council Book Fair, which starts of today with a $10 Sneak Peek, and continues tomorrow and Saturday with Free Peeks.

This flood disaster occurred at the Wichita Falls Public Library, in downtown Wichita Falls.

Today I had to return Truman Speaks, which was due, and a couple other books, which were not due, but which I had finished reading, so I was able to check out the current state of the flooded library, which re-opened this morning, after a couple days of being closed due to the flood.

As you can see above, the area which was flooded is blocked off by an orange mesh fence. The whoosh of air blowers did not make too much noise. Were in not for the orange mesh fence, and the multiple whooshing air blowers, one would not know anything wet had happened.

It was the children's book section which suffered the calamity.

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