Sunday, March 5, 2017

Spencer Jack Blizzard Geographically Confuses Me

Yesterday Spencer Jack and his dad, my Favorite Nephew Jason, sent me that which you see here.

Along with a text message which said...

Just another PNW Blizzard with more snow expected tonight.

I do not know how I ever managed to live in that frigid climate. A couple days ago I read somewhere that February was the coldest on record in my old home zone of Washington.

I have received no reports of the expected additional snow adding to the alleged  blizzard accumulation.

When I saw this picture it was yet one more iteration of an incident  where I find myself having trouble remembering geographic details of my old home zone.

It took me a minute or two to realize that in this picture Spencer Jack and Jason are heading down the hill which has Lincoln Elementary School behind them. Is this called Lincoln Hill? I don't remember, but that does not sound right.

I realized what I was looking at when I noticed Mount Vernon's Tulip Tower in the distance. Which indicated that at the bottom of the hill Spencer Jack and Jason would be either getting on I-5 or going under I-5 to downtown Mount Vernon.

At my current location north of being deep in the heart of Texas there was no blizzard yesterday. And no snow today.  Instead the air is currently being heated to one degree less than 60, under a gray, cloudy sky, which has done a little dripping.

Tomorrow the high is scheduled to reach 84...

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