Friday, March 3, 2017

Texas Almost Makes Bottom 10 In U.S.News & World Report 50 Best States Rankings

No, my one regular blog reader, what you are looking at here is not a group of Goobers in the polluted Trinity River getting ready to enjoy a Fort Worth Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Float.

The clean water and that volcano looming in the background likely clued you to the fact this is not a look at Fort Worth or any other location in Texas.

What you are looking at is Lake  Washington with Mount Rainier hovering high in the distance. This was an illustrative photo in a Seattle Times article titled Washington is best West Coast state in new national ranking — and 5th overall.

I clicked on the article to quickly learn this national ranking deal was a U.S. News & World Report production titled Best States Rankings.

Using dozens of various measuring metrics U.S. News & World Report made its important Best States determination.

The Top Ten Best States are...

#1  Massachusetts
#2  New Hampshire
#3  Minnesota
#4  North Dakota
#5  Washington
#6  Iowa
#7  Utah
#8  Maryland
#9  Colorado
#10  Vermont

North Dakota at #4? I am guessing treatment of protesters was not factored into the rankings.

And then we have the Bottom Ten Worst States...

#41  West Virginia
#42  Kentucky
#43  Alaska
#44  Oklahoma
#45  South Carolina
#46  New Mexico
#47  Alabama
#48  Arkansas
#49  Mississippi
#50  Louisiana

I am guessing you thought Texas was going to be in the Bottom Ten. Well, you guessed wrong. Texas missed out being in the Bottom Ten, but almost made it there...

#38 Texas

You can click the Best States Rankings link to see the entire list of 50 and learn how these important determinations were made.

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