Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Texas #1 In College Campus Hate Group Recruiting

Shocking news this morning.

Texas, one of the nation's most progressive liberal states, for some apparently unfathomable reason, has more hate groups recruiting haters on college campuses than any of the other states in the union.

The Texas State Legislature has shelved its ongoing in depth discussions about bathrooms to make time for discussing this latest instance of Texas being #1.

This new poetic license ethic regarding "news" is really liberating.

In other words, I made up that bit about the Texas State Legislature ceasing with their ongoing bathroom debates in order to debate more important issues.

The reality of this Texas being #1 in college campus hate group recruiting is that this "news" is not all that shocking.

Hate groups are more of a Southern thing than a Northern, Western, Midwestern or Northeastern thing.

Well, except for  Idaho.

So, since Texas is, by far, the biggest state in the South, both in size and population, it seems logical that Texas college campuses would attract more hate group recruiters than any of the other states where such bad behavior is prone to exist.

I  have not made note of any hate group recruiters making their presence known at my neighborhood Texas college, Midwestern  State University. From what I have seen of the MSU students I don't think such behavior would be tolerated...

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