Sunday, March 26, 2017

Thrashing No Pecan Trees Today In Lucy Park

I have been having myself  some computer aggravation the past two days. Usually I figure out what is causing this type aggravation and then be done with it.

This instance of computer aggravation continues with the cause still  a mystery. I  am giving up typing for now to try some more to figure out what is wrong.

Okay, I am back. Right now I am back typing and so far, with no aggravation.

To escape my computer I went to Lucy Park today for a pleasant Sunday stroll.

That would make that the Lucy Park suspension bridge you are looking at above. A bridge over the Wichita River, built, I assume, when water was flowing through the river, and not the preferred Fort Worth method of slowly trying to build bridges over dry land.

I also assume the Lucy Park Suspension Bridge was likely built in much less time than the now five year projected construction timeline of Fort Worth's pitiful little bridges being built over dry land to connect the Fort Worth mainland to an imaginary island, originally with a four year construction timeline, but currently stalled for over a year.

After crossing the Wichita River via a swaying suspension bridge I was stopped by the sign year see below.

In Lucy Park a sign STOPs one with a warning "DO NOT THRASH PECAN TREES". I have no idea how or why one would want to thrash a pecan tree. The tree right next to this sign was a big oak with a lot of acorns on the ground. I do not know if it is okay to thrash the Lucy Park oak trees.

Flowers were a-blooming today in Lucy Park. I am fairly certain the blooms I saw were not wildflowers. The blooms seemed too organized to be wildflowers.

Above is an example of the aforementioned flowers a-blooming. There were being colorful at the base of the Lucy Park Japanese Pagoda.

Does anyone know why there are so many Japanese style pagoda type structures at various locations in Wichita Falls?

Did Wichita Falls host a Japanese Internment Camp during World  War II. Are the Japanese pagodas some sort of homage to that bad behavior from long ago when Japanese-Americans were unfairly, wrongly victimized?

Well, I seem to have successfully managed to type a few words with nothing interfering. After multiple restores and restarts and file deletions are my compu-woes now over?  I certainly hope so....

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