Wednesday, March 8, 2017

In Fort Worth That Trump Boy Don't Act Right

I do not remember where it was I saw that which you see here. Most likely it was via Facebook.

A Lone Man holding a sign which opines the opinion, "TRUMP THAT BOY DON'T ACT RIGHT'.

I could not tell, for certain, that the needed apostrophe was between N and T on the sign.

Above the Lone Man, and his sign, the road sign indicates he is on Granbury Road.

I am assuming this is Granbury Road in Fort Worth. Maybe at the intersection of Granbury Road and Seminary Drive.

Among Fort Worth's 800,000, give or take a person or two, population there are some highly intelligent individuals who possess common sense and an evolved conscience. I know this because I met a few of them during my long incarceration in Fort Worth.

I do not know if I have met this Lone Man with the sign, but due to the message on the Lone Man's sign, I am fairly certain he is a highly intelligent individual who possesses common sense and a conscientious conscience.

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