Wednesday, March 8, 2017

In Fort Worth That Trump Boy Don't Act Right

I do not remember where it was I saw that which you see here. Most likely it was via Facebook.

A Lone Man holding a sign which opines the opinion, "TRUMP THAT BOY DON'T ACT RIGHT'.

I could not tell, for certain, that the needed apostrophe was between N and T on the sign.

Above the Lone Man, and his sign, the road sign indicates he is on Granbury Road.

I am assuming this is Granbury Road in Fort Worth. Maybe at the intersection of Granbury Road and Seminary Drive.

Among Fort Worth's 800,000, give or take a person or two, population there are some highly intelligent individuals who possess common sense and an evolved conscience. I know this because I met a few of them during my long incarceration in Fort Worth.

I do not know if I have met this Lone Man with the sign, but due to the message on the Lone Man's sign, I am fairly certain he is a highly intelligent individual who possesses common sense and a conscientious conscience.


Anonymous said...

Granbury and Hulen Rd. I made comma too small. Thanks for the kind words but I have never been accused of having "common sense".

Anonymous said...

I know this man and I can tell you-- not only does he have great intelligence and a little bit of common sense :-), but above all he is a caring, generous and daring man, willing to stand up for us all to oppose what is happening to our country. Thank you for recognizing him. He is very special. Susan in Seattle

Anonymous said...

Oops, apostrophe!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Susan's opinion! We need more like him.

Ram said...

I'm looking for this man. I've seen his pictures on Facebook and I've heard about him from several friends. I live in Fort Worth, right by that intersection and I'm a photographer. I would LOVE to take a proper photo of him for him to use and us to share. If anyone knows how to contact him, please let me know!

Anonymous said...

You are now famous on twitter!

Gale McCray said...

Contact me on Facebook. Gale McCray.