Thursday, March 9, 2017

Snowflake Blizzard With Real Desperate Housewives Of Wichita Falls

Yesterday, walking along the Circle Trail, with a strong warm wind blowing from the south, I suddenly found myself in a blizzard of white snowflakes.

The white snowflakes were not frozen. They were blowing from the trees you see here.

Spring has already sprung in North Texas. These trees, sprouting white snowflake flowers, have sprouted into blooming mode since I walked by them just a couple days ago.

I don't know what brand of tree these are. Texas Whitebuds? White Crape Myrtles? White Cherry Tree blossoms? I have no idea. However, I do know a Texas horticulturist known as Miss Julie who knows the answers to these type tree questions.

Changing  the subject.

There is this Wichita Falls lady I know who is known as Mrs. Brown. I do not know if Mrs. Brown has a lovely daughter or not.

Yesterday, via Mrs. Brown, I found  myself invited to a social networking event tonight at the Wiskeyta Club.

Near as I can tell this is a meet and greet type production of a group known as the Real Desperate Housewives of Wichita Falls.

During the course of my time in Wichita Falls I have met multiple housewives. I have not experienced any of them as being a particularly desperate type of housewife. Several have seemed quite real though.

I do not know if Mrs. Brown is a Real Desperate Housewife of Wichita Falls, or simply an invitee, such as me, to their soiree at the Wiskeyta Club.

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