Saturday, March 4, 2017

Apparently Neo-Nazis Are Known To Operate In Wichita Falls

Yesterday I happened upon The complete list of American cities where neo-Nazis are known to operate.

This complete list listed the states in which neo-Nazis are operating and the cities in those states where the neo-Nazi operations are supposedly taking place.

Both my old home state of Washington, and the state in which I currently reside, had towns on the neo-Nazi list.

The town I resided in in Washington, prior to moving to Texas, Mount Vernon, is not on the list of Washington towns where neo-Nazis supposedly operate.

Seattle and Spokane are the Washington towns alleged to be harboring neo-Nazis operations.

Mount Vernon may not be a neo-Nazi town, but, the town I reside in currently, Wichita Falls, is on the list of four Texas towns in which the neo-Nazis are supposedly doing their operating.

In addition to Wichita Falls, the Texas towns with neo-Nazis supposedly operating are Austin, San Antonio and Dallas.

I have no way of knowing if by "Dallas" this neo-Nazi list means Dallas/Fort Worth.

Some states, according to this neo-Nazi listing, have no neo-Nazis operating. Such as the state I was born in, Oregon, supposedly has no town with neo-Nazis operating.

And Idaho, a state well known for its surplus of skinheads and lunatic fringe types, supposedly has no towns in which neo-Nazis are known to operate.

Since I have been in Wichita Falls I have seen nothing which has seemed to be of the neo-Nazi ilk.

I have seen some extremely odd tattoo installations combined with odd haircuts whilst walking among shoppers in Wichita Falls' Walmarts.

Maybe I have been obliviously shopping amongst neo-Nazis whilst in Walmart, with zero awareness of such.

But, I don't see how one could be much of a neo-Nazi hater type and shop at the local Walmarts, what with the diversity of people I see shopping and working there.

I wonder when and where the Wichita Falls neo-Nazis meet? Are the meetings open to the public? I have not experienced anything new for a week or two. Attending a neo-Nazi meeting would qualify as doing something new...

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