Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Texas Storm Chasers Killed Tracking Tornado Causes Skagit Darwinian Selection Thoughts

Earlier on this final Wednesday of 2017's version of March, regarding the past 24 hours, I mentioned It Was A Long Stormy Night Last Night In North Texas and that my Favorite Nephew Jason last night had inquired about what I was experiencing storm-wise.

Then, in this morning's email there was an interesting email from Jason in which he opined regarding the current state of Darwinian Selection in America, you know, that Survival of the Fittest concept where the most worthy have the best luck at passing on their genes to the next generation.

Jason's Darwinian Selection email in its entirety...

FUD --

Earlier today, I had concerns that Darwinism is dead.

Spencer and I checked out some books from the library last night.   This lead me to reading about Skagit pioneers first hand stories of settling the towns of Hamilton, the defunct Sauk City, Lyman, etc. circa the 1890s era.

There can be a lot to be learned by this one particular book.

I was reminded that both men and women often left the family home at a young age.  People, mostly women, sought out strong, smart significant others for reasons of pure survival.

If they followed the weak dumb ones, survival wasn't an option.  Or often lead to a miserable life.

In the book, worries of mother nature were of a concern.  Living close to a raging untamed river with ample dangerous wild life, amongst other dangers, were a daily concern.  Some figured it out, some didn't.

Today I talked to a young woman who works for me about the importance of finding the right mate.  I told her that Darwinism doesn't seem to weed out the dumb like it use to.  I explained that modern governments, perhaps our own, has set up a system to easily reproduce stupid people.  I let her know that I was reading a book last night about a young women who picked a smart husband and avoided tragedy many times over.

I stressed my theory, that being that life will be more pleasant if you choose to surround yourself, or perhaps cohabitate, with the intelligent. 

I further went on to explain my frustration that dumb people thrive in the 2017 version of USA living.

Until tonight's reminder news:  Storm chasers killed in pursuit of tornado

Going to bed tonight, knowing for sure that Darwin's theory still proves true.  At least in Texas.


Now, I do not know if the three Storm Chasers who met an untimely end were Texans. All I know is they met their untimely end in Texas. West Texas to be precise. Two of the Storm Chasers did so for the Weather Channel.

In the CNN video one of the Storm Chasers is quoted as saying something like 'half the people wanna join us as Storm Chasers, while the other half think we are nuts".

Many Storm Chasers are scientists doing investigate field work, chasing storms so as to gather data to help better understand tornado behavior. So, I don't know if Storm Chasers fit the profile of someone doing a risky behavior due to, well, lacking common sense, and then meeting an untimely end, thus enhancing humanity by eliminating them from the gene pool, also known as Darwinian Selection.

But, regardless of that, Jason had some interesting  ideas regarding the current dumbing down of America and what it may mean for the Survival of the American Species....

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