Monday, March 6, 2017

Underappreciated American Cities Other Than Fort Worth You Should Totally Move To

No, that is not Fort Worth's Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District you are looking at here.

Though I can understand how someone might think so, what with this looking sort of like some of the propaganda which has been foisted on the apparently easily duped Fort Worth citizenry by dupers employed by the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision.

I saw that which you see here in an article titled, all in capitals, UNDERAPPRECIATED AMERICAN CITIES YOU SHOULD TOTALLY MOVE TO.

The underappreciated city you see above, with its already installed river vision, is Providence, Rhode Island.

Fort Worth was not one of the listed underappreciated cities. But, Houston was. I read the article and still don't understand how Houston is underappreciated.  San Diego and Salt Lake City apparently are also underappreciated.

Most of the underappreciated cities I had some awareness of.

A recognized level of national awareness may have been one of the criteria for a city being underappreciated, as in Americans had to have some awareness of the city. Which might explain Fort Worth not being underappreciated. Even though Fort Worth is becoming better known, what with being the host city for what has become known as America's Biggest Boondoggle.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is another of the underappreciated American cities cited in this list of towns you should totally move  to.

As you can see, Milwaukee also has what appears to be its own version of a river vision, already installed and floating boats.

Meanwhile, in underappreciated Fort Worth, that town's river vision has been blindly stumbling along for most of this century, with no project timeline and ever shifting project completion dates.

Such as a couple years ago construction began with a TNT explosion on three simple little bridges being built over dry land, with an incredibly long four year construction timeline. About a year ago construction on those bridges halted due to design errors, with that halt, at the time, only supposed to last about a month. It is now a year later. Anyone seen any action on that one bridge stuck with its wooden V piers piercing the sky?

During the stalled bridge construction period, the project's executive director, Kay Granger's son, J.D., told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that most of the project's infrastructure should be completed by 2023.

The slow motion progress of this project does not much seem to bother the locals. I don't think the majority of the Fort Worth locals have any awareness that public works projects, never submitted to a public vote, built in slow motion, directed by an unqualified local politicians's son, criminally abusing eminent domain, is not the norm in modern democratic locations in America and the world.

Meanwhile, on a sort of related note. Recently the parent of America's Biggest  Boondoggle, the Tarrant Regional Water District, had one of its meetings. These meetings are recorded in video form, viewable by anyone who wants to look.

A couple days ago Elsie Hotpepper emailed me regarding the most recent TRWD meeting with a link to the meeting's video, along with telling me to "check out Agenda  Item 13 on the last TRWD meeting, where at the 1:18 mark Mary Kelleher tries to get J.D. Granger to answer a simple question."

The questioning had something to do with funding America's Biggest Boondoggle, cost estimates, or changing budget estimates, or some such thing. Mary Kelleher asks J.D. who approves the change, to which J.D. answers "the Congress", to which Mary Kelleher asks the question again. And again. After several repeats, back and forth, Mary Kelleher finally pins J.D. down regarding it being J.D.'s mother, not the entire Congress, who is responsible for whatever it is that is being questioned.

I did not listen to the entire meeting and all its agenda items. Was the Boondoggle's bridge debacle discussed? I suspect no is the answer to that question....

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