Friday, March 10, 2017

Spencer Jack May Move Somewhere South

Shocking news from Washington.

Text message, with photo documentation, from Spencer Jack's dad, my Favorite Nephew, Jason...

Spencer and I are considering moving south. It snowed in Anacortes yesterday.

I do not know why Spencer Jack and his dad have suddenly become such weather babies.

Maybe it is because they have experienced escaping the Western Washington winter a time or two for warmer southern climates, like that which one finds in Disneyland at Christmas, or Arizona.

Apparently, for months now, the sun has only rarely made appearances in the Western Washington sky, according to another bit of photo documentation from Spencer Jack and his dad.

According to that other bit of photo documentation Seattle has had only 3 sunny, mild days since October.

I do not know, for sure, what counts as a mild day. But I suspect a cold day, with the temperature in sub-freeze mode, but with a clear blue sky does not count as a mild day.

Now, that view of downtown Seattle does look a bit gloomy. Without the cloud cover, from this view, one would be seeing Mount Rainier hovering to the south.

At my current southern location, a couple thousand miles from Seattle, the sky was mostly blue yesterday, with the air heated to somewhere in the 80 degree realm. Today there is a chance of rain, supposedly, with the air chilled from yesterday's 80s to somewhere in the 60s.


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