Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bogusity On The Circle Trail With Elsie Hotpepper's Laundry

On this last Saturday with the time still Standard, before time springs forward an hour, so as to supposedly save a Daylight hour, I opted to take myself on a noontime walk north on the Circle Trail, eventually entering my Caribbean neighborhood via the town in Spain called Granada, before making my way to Barbados and Haiti.

Whilst on the Circle Trail I saw that which you see here. What appears to be a paternal parental unit watching his boys wade in the pristine waters of Holliday Creek as it rampages through Holliday Gorge on its way to the Wichita River.

Recently I discovered my phone has "scene" settings. The above photo was taken in "spring scene" mode. This mode renders a photo which looks like a hyper reality version of what my eyes actually saw.

In Fort Worth rendering a hyper reality photo version of a scene is known as Luenserizing. It has been awhile since I have seen a  Luenserized photo of some Fort Worth scene. Did the locals wise up to the bogusity of that type photo propaganda and put an end to that nonsense?

I have no idea. But I sure like that word I made up.


The act of doing something bogus. Or fake.

Even though the sun is currently blocked by a thick layer of clouds the outer world was heated into the 60s whilst I was out in it today. Quite pleasant.

As I walked along the Circle Trail I got a text message from Elsie Hotpepper. I would then sit on a Circle Trail bench to reply and then by the time I had walked a few hundred feet to the next Circle Trail bench a new Hotpepper message would arrive. Very convenient.

Mostly this series of Hotpepper text messages had to do with Elsie's new relationship with Laundry. Due to the cryptic nature of the Hotpepper replies I was unable to glean many details about this Laundry relationship....

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