Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Look Inside Sikes Lake Center Wichita Falls Literacy Council Book Fair Prep Not Googling Gosling

Yesterday I mentioned Loading Books For Wichita Adult Literacy Council's 17th Annual Book Fair.

Today, what with the outer world once again being heated to a pleasant temperature, albeit under a cloudy gray sky, I opted to walk to Sikes Lake to the location where those aforementioned books were being delivered after being loaded onto a Coke truck.

What you are looking at here is Sikes Lakes Center, which is the location for the 17th Annual Wichita Adult Literary Council Book Fair, starting up with a $10 Sneak Peek on Thursday, March 2, from 5-8 PM.

It will cost you nothing to visit the 17th Annual Wichita Adult Literary Council Book Fair on the two days following Sneak Peek. That would be Friday, March 3 and Saturday, March 4, with the Book Fair open from 9 AM til 8 PM on both days.

Above is a look at the state of the Book Fair, around noon, two days before the Sneak Peek.

Books are still arriving and being organized, which is a daunting task for the book organizers.

Til today I think it had been at least a month since I'd walked around Sikes Lake and had a visit with the lake's ducks, geese and seagulls.

Today I saw a mama goose with a flock of goslings. I think gosling is the term for a baby goose. But I am not sure. Would this mean that Canada's most popular actor's name means Ryan Baby Goose? I have no idea. I could look it up, but I am in a hurry and Googling is such a time consumer.

I took a photo of the mama with her goslings, but the photo did not do justice to the goose babies.

From Thursday to Saturday would be a perfect time  to visit  Sikes Lake, if you've never experienced a Book Fair, or had a commune with nature which included baby geese, also, maybe, known as goslings.

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