Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mimi The Pit Bull's Owner Steven Woods Not A War Veteran After Thousands Of Dollars Bilked To Save Mimi

That is Mimi the Pit Bull, all gussied up and ready for church. Church is where Mimi needs to go, to pray for forgiveness for the sins of her owner, Steven Woods.

In October, just after Veterans Day, a minor scandal erupted in Fort Worth when it was made news that Mimi had been sentenced to death, on Veterans Day, for attacking an elderly neighbor.

Mimi was described as the therapy dog of a disabled Veteran, badly wounded in either Iraq or Afghanistan. I forget which.

A lawyer, Randy Turner, felt sorry for Steven Woods and Mimi's plight and offered his services, pro bono. The public responded to the sad tale, raising more than $17,000.

The story of the City of Fort Worth sentencing a War Vet's Therapy Dog to death, on Veterans Day, convicted on flimsy evidence, went national, giving Fort Worth yet one more black eye in Fort Worth's reputation with the rest of America.

Well. Apparently the City of Fort Worth has been unfairly besmirched in this particular incident.

WFAA, that is Channel 8, on your D/FW TV dial, reported Monday that there is no record with the Office of Veterans Affairs that Steven Woods served overseas. His only connection with the military is that he had served in the Arkansas National Guard.

Steven Woods' Attorney, Randy Turner, is now his former attorney.

Apparently Steven Woods has been cited on 3 previous occasions over attacks by his pack of dogs, including a 64 year old woman who was seriously injured by 4 pit bulls. On that particular attack, Steven Woods left his house to come to the rescue, kicking one of this dogs to stop the attack. In other incidents police had to pepper spray two of Woods' pit bulls. And in another incident, Woods got testy when a neighbor confronted Woods after Woods' pack of pit bulls was chasing children.

I don't know if there is any plan to return the thousands of dollars to the victims of this fraud, who good-heartedly came to the rescue of Mimi. And her undeserving owner.

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