Thursday, July 21, 2016

Birch Bay Driftwood Confirmation From Lynden Via Tacoma

Exactly a week ago today I blogged about being Awakened By A Thud Before Finding Photo Of Birch Bay Driftwood.

On that day I blogged about being haunted by the memory of a big chunk of driftwood at Birch Bay, in my old home state of Washington.

Over the years I have asked various people if that chunk of driftwood was still there, or not. But received no confirmation one way or the other.

Til last Thursday via a photo sent via phone by my little brother, Spencer Jack's grandpa, Jake.

From that photo I could not tell, for sure, that it was the same chunk of driftwood I played on, time and again, decades ago.

Then this morning Spencer Jack's great aunt, my little sister, Michele, emailed me the photo you see above, gleaned from our Aunt Judy's Facebook page. My best guess as to the identity of the two little kids is that those are my cousins Jeff and Sheryl.

As soon as I saw this photo I knew it was the chunk of driftwood about which I have long inquired. And that it confirmed that it is the same chunk of driftwood of which my brother sent a photo, last Thursday.

So, all these decades later the funnest chunk of driftwood ever to drift to the Birch Bay shore is still there providing a climbing venue for kids of the 21st century.

I shall sleep better tonight knowing this....

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