Thursday, July 14, 2016

Awakened By A Thud Before Finding Photo Of Birch Bay Driftwood

A couple years ago Spencer Jack took his dad up north near the Canadian border to go water sliding at Birch Bay.

Birch Bay is a bustling beach tourist zone in Whatcom County. Camping at Birch Bay State Park was the number one go to place when I was a kid going on summer camping trips every weekend with my parental units and siblings.

I remember Birch Bay with a fondness level I remember little else.

Well, there is Sun Lakes State Park in Eastern Washington which also provided a lot of fond memories, including going there well past my little kid family camping years.

So, when I was a little kid, on into my teenage years, and  maybe slightly beyond my teenage years, there was this chunk of driftwood on the beach in the state park area of Birch Bay.

After Spencer Jack took his dad water sliding at Birch Bay I asked about that chunk of driftwood down by the state park. Spencer Jack's dad said next time they were at the Bay they'd look for it.

I don't remember if I got a subsequent Birch Bay Driftwood Search Report.

Then last night, in the middle of the night, I was awakened by a concussive thud. I reached for my phone to see it was and hour and a half past midnight.

And that I had several text messages.

One of the text messages was from Spencer Jack's grandpa, also known as my little brother Jake. There was no message in Spencer Jack's grandpa's text message, just the photo you see above.

Is that the infamous chunk of Birch Bay driftwood I remember so fondly, still existing all these years later? I can not tell for sure. I suspect it must be. I am fairly certain my little brother would remember that chunk of driftwood as well as I do....

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