Saturday, October 12, 2013

The 2nd Saturday Of October With Computer Woes, Rusty Nails, Broken Pumps & Pomegranate Yogurt

This second Saturday of October started off fine with a pleasant swim of long duration. The water temperature has increased significantly from the jolt of cold it received a week ago.

So far, today, the predicted jolt of rain has not arrived at my location.

I did get a jolt of computer woes this morning. To fix the woes I tried "System Restore" for the first time. This returns the computer to a previous state, prior to the woes.

Well, restoring the system did not work the way I hoped it would. So, I restored back to the original state.

After restoring the computer to its original state I clicked on Google Chrome to find myself being told files were missing and I needed to re-install Chrome.

I tried to fix the Chrome woe without re-installing, but gave up on that, eventually, and did the re-install, which went fast and worked out fine.

After getting Chrome back working and my computer back behaving, it was time for my Saturday pre-Town Talk mountain bike ride to my regularly scheduled photo-op in Gateway Park.

The bike ride was going fine and then suddenly the rear tire lost all its air. I hopped off the bike and quickly found that the rusty nail you see above had pierced through the tire at an angle, making two puncture wounds.

I was about as far from my vehicular transport as I could be, so it was a long hot roll back to functioning wheels. I tried to pump up the tube, thinking maybe the self-sealing slime would clog the holes, like it successfully did a couple weeks ago when I ran over a mesquite thorn at Mallard Cove Park.

But, the holes were so big I was unable to get any pressure in the tire.

And then the pump broke.

What dire woe was happening next I sat and wondered? Was Town Talk going to be another woe?

No, Town Talk turned out to be woe-free. I got a case of pomegranate yogurt, ham, smoked turkey, vidalia sweet onions, jalapeno cheddar tortillas and other stuff I'm not remembering right now.

All this food talk is making me hungry. Time for lunch....

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MLK said...

I love your Saturday Town Talk posts. How I miss it!