Saturday, October 19, 2013

Surprised Today To Find A Mysterious Fountain Spouting On Fort Worth's Fosdick Lake

Today as I rolled my motorized transport into a parking slot in Oakland Lake Park I looked out at Fosdick Lake to see something that totally surprised and bum puzzled me.

A fountain.

I walked around Fosdick Lake on Wednesday. At that point in time there was no sign of a fountain being constructed.

Today walking around Fosdick Lake I saw nothing that indicated any construction project had taken place, which somehow ran a pipeline out into Fosdick Lake, allowing a fountain to spout.

Has the Fosdick Fountain always existed? And for some reason someone somewhere opted to turn on the fountain?

Is this fountain intended to spout enough aerated water that the result is a much cleaner Fosdick Lake?

As you can see below, the Fosdick Fountain spouts from a black ring that is above the Fosdick Lake surface.

The above black ring, which is now spouting water, has not been visible during all the times I have walked around Fosdick Lake, in all my previous walkarounds.

Does anyone have an explanation? Fountains do not just sit dormant for years and then spout to life. They are mechanical devices that require maintenance.

There were a lot of Fosdickers walking around Fosdick Lake today, many of them taking pictures of the mysterious fountain. All I spoke to were as perplexed as I regarding the sudden Fosdick Lake fountain appearance.

I was pleased that yesterday's rain caused me to opt out of my regularly scheduled Gateway Park Saturday visit. For all I know the mysterious Fosdick Fountain only makes an appearance once a decade and today I happened to be there to see it. I will not be shocked to see the Fosdick Fountain no longer spouting by the next time I walk around Fosdick Lake.

Since it is Saturday I did do my regular visit to Town Talk, even though Town Talk was more distant today than when I am at Gateway Park.

I got a lot of rabbit food in the form of lettuce and carrots today. Do rabbits eat tomatoes? I got tomatoes too. And extra sharp cheddar cheese. And bratwurst. And a case of Noosa brand mango yogurt.

That's it, MLK, for your weekly vicarious visit to Town Talk...

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You are a dear man. Thank you. /mlk