Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Walk Around The Industrial Wasteland I Call Home

With the return of blue sky, and its attendant temporary banishment of gray, I decided that the mighty fine swim I had myself this morning in the pool which is being unnaturally warm for this one day before November time of the year, did not provide sufficient endorphin stimulation, so I opted to take myself on a noontime walking tour through the Industrial Wasteland I call home.

The above is what is known as a run-on sentence. Run-on sentences are considered bad form because they tend to be confusing. Since I like being confusing, run-on sentences appeal to me.

Back to the subject of today's walk around the neighborhood.

Today I walked around the super-sized block, which surrounds my abode, before reaching the Albertsons point of the walk, which is the usual destination on my regular walks around the neighborhood.

In the view in the photo above you are looking southwest, with the 820 freeway behind you, gazing across my neighborhood Chesapeake Energy Natural Gas Drilling Industrial Wasteland site at the aforementioned Albertsons and its surrounding strip mall.

Attractive, isn't it?

I am almost 100% certain that that water you see puddled in the foreground of the photo is not fracking fluid that has burbled to the surface.

I am almost 100% certain that that particular puddle was caused by the rain that fell yesterday.

But one can never be quite sure what it is you see puddled at this particular location on the planet...


Ted said...

Wouldn't trust CHK, they have well documented history of lying, cheating, etc. Even their business partner/bff, the city of FW, recently had to sue CHK for stealing their portion of the city's rightfull revenue from gas leases. Oh how CHK wish their boy Moncrief was still ruling the city, meaning they could bully the citizenry and destroy their quality of life.

Steve A said...

Look at the bright side. You COULD be in the middle of an Ocean Shores election campaign...