Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tacoma's Fubbo The Hut Mistaken For An Australian/Tasmanian Blobfish

A few minutes ago incoming email from one of my Tacoma Informants included the photo you see here. The TI claimed this is a recent photo of Fubbo the Hut.

I do see the resemblance, but I am almost 100% this is not actually Fubbo the Hut.

For one thing, I've not heard anything about Fubbo being bald.

Fubbo the Hut has recently been caught, again, doing her creepy stalking thing. I think just about anyone on the planet would empathize with how unsettling it would be to have something that looks like Fubbo the Hut stalking them.

What the sad-looking creature in the photo actually is, is a Blobfish. Now, I can clearly see how one might use the word "Blobfish" to refer to Fubbo the Hut. But a Blobfish is actually a real fish.

Blobfish float along the ocean floor off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania, surviving by eating whatever drifts in front of it.

Okay, that is one more eerie similarity to Fubbo the Hut, who also eats whatever drifts in front of it.

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Sarah R said...

I love the Jay Buehner hair cut reference on Big Ed's website. The 'Jay Buehner' hair cut started totally bald heads for men as a fashion trend in Seattle back in the late 90s. Probably a good 20% of men at one time were all bald here. And the trend, much like the mullet, still has not gone away. After ruminating for a few minutes, I realized when I was in San Antonio a couple weeks ago, I saw no men who had purposely shaved ALL the hair off their heads, unless they were military of course. It leaves one pondering the possible side effects of shaving one's head...