Monday, July 1, 2019

Rumored J.D. Granger Shanna Cate Imaginary Caribbean Wedding Photo

In the past week, or two, I have made mention of the fact that we do not know if the Caribbean island nuptials took place between J.D. Granger and his long time TRVA mistress, Shanna Cate, as planned, last February.

Googling brought no confirmation. And we have not heard from our inside the Trinity River Vision source known as Deep Moat, confirming the wedding took place.

Deep Moat was planning to attend, and hopefully get us some photo documentation.

We did get the photo you see here, via email, sent from an email address which gave no clue as to the identity of the sender.

The text which accompanied this photo claimed this is a wedding photo of J.D. and Shanna, with the photo taken a couple minutes before they exchanged their sacred wedding vows.

Whilst supposedly attired in non-conventional wedding attire.


First off, We might suggest J.D. may have greater need than Shanna for the top part of her bikini.

And second off. We are 100% certain this is not a wedding photo.

But that this is a photo, cropped and slightly altered, which we have seen previously, of J.D. Granger and his then mistress, not yet wife, standing in the crystal clear waters of the beautiful Trinity River at one of J.D. and Shanna's infamous Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats at Fort Worth's imaginary world class music venue at the imaginary pavilion on the imaginary Panther Island.

And we are still wondering if the J.D. Granger - Shanna Cate nuptials were an imaginary wedding which did not take place....


Stakeholder. Or am I? said...

Congrats, J.D. and Shanna!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations to two very nice people!