Sunday, July 14, 2019

Hank Frank's First Truck Driving Moving Task With Grandpa Jake

On Friday Hank Frank and Spencer Jack's Grandpa Jake made it from Washington to Arizona without a minute of delay, unlike what Grandpa Jake's brother experienced trying to make it from Texas to Arizona.

In the photo here we are looking at Hank Frank driving the moving truck he rented to move from Clear Lake to his new home located in the Skagit Flats, I think somewhere near Roozen Garde, information which only would mean anything to someone familiar with Skagit Valley geography.

Grandpa Jake's return to Arizona was necessary to help facilitate a subterfuge scheduled for Thursday, July 25. Miss Daisy and her primary driver will drop me off at Sky Harbor around 10 in the morning. I will then enter the airport departure door, then exit that door as Miss Daisy and her primary driver drive away, with me then getting in Grandpa Jake's vehicle, which I assume will be driven by Grandpa Jake, not Hank Frank.

Miss Daisy and I have had no news from Hank Frank and Spencer Jack's cousins, David, Theo and Ruby. We guess their current location is somewhere in Southern California. Possibly Santa Monica.

Or maybe David, Theo and Ruby have already found Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jack somewhere in the San Diego zone, where they will be especially vigilant whilst dodging Pacific Ocean waves and the recent epidemic of stinging jellyfish.

Decades ago I remember a stay at San Clemente State Park where David, Theo and Ruby's Uncle Jake and Aunt Nancy got stung multiple times by jellyfish. The stinging jellyfish left their other uncle alone...

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