Saturday, July 13, 2019

Fort Worth's Dunce Confederacy Strikes Again

Since my current exit from Texas I have been receiving a higher than usual number of emails, text messages and Facebook messenger messages, leaving me a little frustrated at not being at a location with an Internet connection.

The messages from the various sources have all been about the uproar which erupted when it was announced the long anticipated independent investigation of the Trinity River Vision Authority, with that investigation costing around a half million bucks, spent to try and find out why and how so much money has been spent, for so many years, with so little progress, after so much time and money, what with the fact that that which has become America's Biggest Boondoggle has been limping along most of this century.

Many were under the apparently false assumption this independent investigation was going to be a forensic audit, examining where the money has gone and on what the money has been spent.

For instance, after all these years of zero transparency many were hoping a forensic audit would reveal how much has been spent on salaries, in total, of all those employed by the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision Authority.

And how much has been spent on all the TRVA's various propaganda operations. Such as the incredible volume of signage which began sprouting up around Fort Worth way back in 2010, with sign proclamations such as "Trinity River Vision Underway". Or the HUGE sign propaganda installation at Gateway Park touting all the imaginary things the Trinity River Vision was going to see, at some point in time, apparently distantly into the future.

Or how much the bizarre propaganda installation cost which sits on the ground floor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram building.

Or how much has been spent on all the junkets J.D. Granger and his minions have taken, supposedly to check out other visions at other locations on the planet, in towns which have actually managed to bring a vision to fruition.

I have long wondered how much money has been wasted on all the TRVA various websites. Or all the propaganda mailers sent out quarterly.

Or how much has been spent paying people to "execute" this myopic vision, years after the project would have been, should have been, completed if it was competently executed, and if this project was an actual legitimately needed flood control project.

If this were a legit flood control project, should not someone be held responsible for the fact years have gone without this imaginary flood control problem fixed.

Clearly, it is obvious now, after all these years, this public works project never had anything to do with flood control. Or helping protect the public. It has long been an ineptly implemented money making scheme, benefiting few. With a few having already benefited from their scheming.

The name "Granger" comes to mind.

So, many people back in Fort Worth are not okay with that independent investigation having been announced as completed, and turned over to the TRWD board, which then indicated only a redacted version would be released to the public, once the TRWD board approved of the independent investigation's findings.

Yeah, that sounds like what you do with an independent investigation. Can't imagine why people would be offput by this.

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