Friday, July 19, 2019

Theo's Pacific Sand Castle Building With Help From Ruby & David

Photo evidence has arrived documenting the fact my Favorite Nephew Theo has raised his sand castle building skills to a new level of complexity.

Prior to receiving those photos, whilst driving Miss Daisy in the extreme Arizona heat, Theo's grandma verbalized concern regarding wondering how David, Theo, Ruby and their parental units could possibly spend so many days outdoors in extreme heat.

I then tried to remind Miss Daisy the Pacific Coast is way cooler (in more ways than one) than the Arizona desert.

I suggested to Miss Daisy if we took off early in the morning we could reach San Diego easily by mid-afternoon, which would make for a fun (shocking) surprise for David, Theo, Ruby, their parental units, and Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jack.

Miss Daisy was not receptive regarding this adventurous concept.

Which is probably for the best, because tomorrow morning David, Theo and Ruby's Uncle Jake is planning to show up for Miss Daisy's morning swim.

However, Miss Daisy has been refusing to participate in the morning swim due to excess heat concerns. I have not informed Uncle Jake regarding Miss Daisy's current no swimming status.

Let's take a look at last yesterday's sand castle building...

Above Theo celebrates castle construction completion. Now the wait for the incoming tide begins, and the eventual defense of the castle as the Pacific floods in.

Here it appears Ruby joined in with the castle defense as the tide began to breech the outer defenses.

Theo looks forlorn as the tide begins to win.

Theo, Ruby and David stand on top of the sand castle ruins.

Around the time the above photo arrived Mama Michele texted "OMG. I am freezing. Sitting waiting for the ocean to destroy Theo's sand castle. I blame you for this fixation. LOL."

It's true. Theo and I had ourselves a mighty fine time fighting the incoming tide way back in August of 2017 up north at Birch Bay in the state called Washington.

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