Thursday, July 11, 2019

Stuck In Texas Trying To Get To Arizona

No, I did not make it to Arizona yesterday. I am still stuck in Texas, after being stuck in the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport for hours yesterday, hoping to fly to Dallas/ Fort Worth hoping to fly to Sky Harbor in Phoenix.

Before I left my abode yesterday to drive the short distance to the airport I had received multiple text messages informing me of delays and new departure times.

By the time I made it to the airport the security entry was closed, with people milling about outside security. I soon learned the take off time had now been delayed to 5 o'clock, more than two hours later than the original take off time, and that the security gate would open when the time drew closer for actual departure.

So, I found myself a computer station and connected to the Internet. About a half hour later the security gate opened. Through security, more delay notices. By then we had been told the problem was bad weather in the Dallas zone.

Finally the plane arrived. Somehow escaping the bad weather in DFW. A half hour later we boarded. Then another long wait. I called my sister in Arizona to let her know I might not be making it there on time. While I was talking to my sister the pilot informed us the DFW airport was on lock down, no take offs, no landings.

But that it should clear within a half hour and we would be on our way.

At that point, if we did take off soon I could still make my connection to Phoenix.

And then the pilot informed us that the wait was now of longer duration, and that we would get back off the plane to cool off in the air-conditioned terminal.

I was not long in the cool terminal when I got a text message that my flight to Phoenix had been cancelled. But the flight out of Wichita Falls was not yet cancelled, was still on delay.

So, when I went to try and book a new flight to Phoenix, as I had been advised to do, the new flight did not include getting out of Wichita Falls, instead all the options were flying out of DFW the next day, as in today, as in Thursday.

I then called the American Airlines number on the card we had been provided with info on how to get out of this mess.

I expected a long phone wait, instead I almost instantly had a nice lady helping me, re-booking me on the exact same flights that I was supposed to be on on Wednesday.

I then called for a Stuber ride to take me back to my home location. After a bit of a problem getting my checked in bag off the plane, I was finally out of the airport, coming up on 8 o'clock.

And today I get to do it all over again, I hope with better results. And also cancelled was my trip today to Maricopa to the McDonald's Buffet with Penny.

Almost forgot to mention another bit of yesterday's airport drama. As we waited to hopefully get back on board more planes arrived. There are only two gates at this airport. I do not know where the second plane came from. But soon after those on board de-planed those waiting to get on that plane were told that flight was cancelled. I have no idea where that plane came from or was going.

And then another plane arrived, with no gate to roll up to. Soon the pilot of that plane escaped via a stairway rolled up to the door. He came in the terminal and soon had people all around him, thinking he was some sort of official who might have answers. Instead he told us he was the pilot trying to find out what to do with all the people on his plane. That plane was still sitting there, out on the tarmac, in the heat, when I left an hour later. That plane had been diverted from landing at DFW on its way from Fort Wayne.

Have I ever mentioned previously that I do not like flying? A roadtrip is so much more enjoyable, even though it takes longer...

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