Monday, July 22, 2019

Ruby, Max & Theo Cardboard Boat Regatta

Sunday morning Spencer Jack and Hank Frank's Grandpa Jake went swimming again with one of their favorite uncles.

During the course of pool time Grandpa Jake asked if I had seen Ruby and Max together.

What an odd question I thought to myself, what with Max the poodle having gone to dog heaven way back in summer of 2017. So, I said, yes, I have seen Ruby and Max. Why would you ask, I asked?

Because they are just so darn cute together, like an old married couple.

To which I said Max the poodle and Ruby are like an old married couple? Max has been dead for over two years, said I.

No, the Max who is Ruby's best friend since they started school said Grandpa Jake.

So, I then texted Ruby's Mama Michele to ask about this Max character, and to request some photo documentation, which was quickly forthcoming, arriving as I drove Miss Daisy on her first drive of the day.

The photos came with explanatory text, which I will copy and paste. for the most part, with the following photos, except for the photo above, which is not below, in which we see Max for the first time, sharing a jacket with Ruby.

Max and Ruby have been best buds since the start of kindergarten. I will find some photos.

Theo, Ruby and Max.

Max is not a huge fan of swimming but he helped out at the cardboard boat regatta. Did I mention the regatta to you? Theo and Ruby took second place.

The cardboard boat regatta had not previously been mentioned to me, and so more photos with explanatory text were sent.

Regatta was June 1, at the wave pool they took you to. They won their heat and took second in the final.  

In the above  pic Ruby and Theo squeak by a boat at the finish.

After that all the remaining boats got to go out and they turned the waves on, which is the third pic (the pic above). Middle is their boat. Had to be cardboard and duct tape. Max's dad, Saul, helped us build the boat and then we covered it with duct tape. It was free to enter the regatta but I spent a fortune on duct tape. LOL. Was totally worth it. So much fun. They won an inflatable boat.
I agree with what Betty Jo Bouvier recently said, that being that those kids sure do have a lot of fun adventures.

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