Monday, July 29, 2019

Back On Texas Circle Trail As The Fort Worth Boondoggle Turns

It seems like weeks, because it has been several weeks since my handlebars took me on a bike ride on the Wichita Falls Circle Trail.

But those handlebars took me on a ride today, to Sikes Lake, then MSU, then the Circle Trail back to my abode.

My return to Texas went much more smoothly than my exit to Arizona weeks prior.

It will be awhile, as in quite awhile, before I muster the stamina to put myself through that type travel ordeal again.

When I finally managed to land in Wichita Falls on Saturday, shortly before midnight, the temperature in the outer world was about as perfect as it can get.

Quite the contrast with what I had been enjoying sweltering in in Arizona.

If I remember right it was 112 when I lifted off the tarmac at Sky Harbor, 81 when I hit the tarmac at Wichita Falls Municipal Airport, also known, I think, as SPS.

I am still in recovery mode from the past couple weeks. I gained the usual ten pounds I gain during an Arizona visit. McDonald's was particularly tasty this time.

This morning I was fairly sure a drive to DFW was going to be required. But the need disappeared by mid-morning. I was sort of relieved. When I am in Arizona it seems like I do a few thousand miles of driving Miss Daisy around.

About the time I got back to Texas a new chapter in the ongoing soap opera known as America's Biggest Boondoggle, or the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision, took a new pitiful embarrassing turn, with Fort Worth mayor turning panhandler begging for federal money like a stereotypical welfare queen, attempting to fund the lavish lifestyle she is unable to afford on her own.

I think I may have totally bungled that welfare queen metaphor.

Anyway, I have saved all the info about the latest episode of As The Boondoggle Turns and will have fun opining about it just as soon as my cerebral blood flow returns to normal.

Oh, and I have heard from Deep Moat for the first time since she attended the Fort Worth Wedding of the Year, thus confirming, for me for the first time, that those nuptials actually took place...

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