Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Aerobic Swimming Congestion With Sun Lakes Pool Ladies

The pool is crowded with way more Sun Lake's Ladies during these warm July days than was the case during cooler days last March.

As you can clearly see via the photo documentation as I lounge chair lounged after this morning's swim, the poos was over populated today..

Today my choice was to either join the throng doing something called Water Aerobics. Or get out of the pool and their way, hence the photo documenting opportunity.

As per usual I was invited to join in with the Water Aerobics. But, it looks to be way more stimulating than what I am used to doing in water. That and I lacked accessories like a Pool Noodle and Water Weights.

Today the temperature is scheduled to hit a high for the year, at 115 degrees. That is Fahrenheit, not Celsius, just to be clear.

Yesterday morning I discovered the battery powering the thermostat which controls the air conditioning in Miss Daisy's abode had died. This explained why the A/C was not turning off, and why it was so cold the night before I found myself seeking a blanket covering.

A malfunctioning A/C in this climate would seem to be extremely problematic.

Yesterday in the early evening my favorite nephew Jeremy, aka FNJ3, showed up and drove me and Miss Daisy to their favorite Panda bear where we got ourselves some Chinese food. Tasty. And then we returned to Miss Daisy's television viewing room where Jeremy beat me at every single Wheel of Fortune puzzle. However, Jeremy did not do so well with the Jeopardy questions which followed Wheel of Fortune.

Today marks number five full day in Arizona, not that I am counting...

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