Monday, July 15, 2019

Trinity River Vision Review Confusion's Most Wanted Fugitives

If I remember right I have previously mentioned I've been receiving multiple messages about the "review" of the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision.

Much of the initial outrage appears to revolve around disgust that the TRWD board, well, the TRWD's controversial manager, Jim Oliver, apparently, is behind attempts to, well, try to censor, or redact, the report before it is released to the public who paid for it.

However, someone inside the TRWD evidently was disgusted by the attempted cover-up and managed to leak a copy of the review to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. From what I have seen of what is in the review I can see why Jim Oliver and J.D. Granger want to censor what the public sees.

On Facebook what the public has already seen has brought multiple calls for the immediate firing of Granger, the defeat of his mother in the 2020 election and a ceasing of the long stalled building of three simple little bridges over dry land, with either the removal of what exists of the bridges, or turning the remains into some sort of cautionary memorial.

Let's look at the Jim Oliver/Granger part of this Review finds confusion, lack of planning in $1.17 billion Panther Island project Star-Telegram article...

Meanwhile Oliver and J.D. Granger pushed to keep the report secret until they could read it and offer changes. With Star-Telegram and KXAS/Channel 5 reporters present, Granger wondered if the two news organizations would accurately report Riveron’s findings. Oliver said he believed only his staff had a full understanding of the project, requiring them to provide input before the report became public.

Oliver defended keeping the report from the public Friday, saying he didn’t believe it was ethical to release a draft document.

Typically during an independent review, he said, staff are given the chance to make comments or corrections before a report goes to a public board.

“This has been backwards,” he said.


Oh, the irony.

The TRWD's Jim Oliver thinks the release of the review is backwards.

Everything about that which has become America's Biggest Boondoggle has been backwards. And now after all these years it is the release of this review of the Boondoggle, that Oliver finds backwards?

Nothing about this project has been done the way such projects get actualized in areas of America where public works projects are thoroughly vetted, sold to the public, with the public validating the project by agreeing to finance it via the voting method, with a qualified team of project engineers put in charge of designing and building the project, and completing the project following a well-planned project timeline.

Qualified project engineers?

Which leads us to J.D. Granger's concern about whether the news would accurately report the review's findings.

I'm guessing Granger's real concern is that the review accurately finds much of what is dire wrong with America's Biggest Boondoggle, making clear that a large part of the problem has been caused by the son of a local congresswoman being given a job for which he had no qualifications, with no clear oversight making sure Granger did not stray afar from the actual project.

You know, so Granger would not detour the imaginary flood control/economic development project into frat boy fun like beer drinking inner tube parties on the Trinity River, Octoberfest for more beer drinking or a wakeboard pond. And other such nonsense not normal for such a project.

When I clicked on the link to the Review finds confusion, lack of planning in $1.17 billion Panther Island project in the Star-Telegram that which you see above in the screen cap is what showed up under the article headline, a video starting with a plea to help Arlington police locate 10 Most Wanted Fugitives.

More than one comment on Facebook suggested criminal charges need to be brought against Granger and Oliver and others associated with what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle...

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