Friday, July 26, 2019

Last Day In The Oasis Of Arizona

 Last night was my first night at the Oasis in Chandler. One more day of this level of serene peace and quiet and I may be ready to return to Texas to less serenity, peace and quiet.

Yesterday's delivery of me to the airport by Miss Daisy and her regular driver was perfectly timed.

As we drove into the Terminal 4 departure area upon entry we passed a Honda with Washington plates. Miss Daisy's driver pulled to the curb a short distance thereafter. I got out of Miss Daisy's chariot, said my goodbyes, entered the terminal, exited the terminal and then got into that Honda with Washington plates, driven by Spencer Jack and Hank Frank's Grandpa Jake.

Grandpa Jake then drove me to Scottsdale to a gallery with an incredible stock of various works of art, in various forms, including two displays of Grandpa Jake's Gems by Jake Apache Tear and Various other gems made into door knobs.

After that we ventured to the north side of Camelback Mountain where I soon found myself on the grounds of an over the top example of why the 1% need their marginal tax rate returned to 90%.

Ending that tour of excessive consumption we headed to Grandpa Jake's Scottsdale abode where he had made a big pot of seafood chowder which was just about the best of this type vittle I have had this century.

My suite in the Chandler Oasis was at a comfort level much more comfortable than I had been enjoying the previous 14 days. A HUGE bed with giant pillows elevated so far above the floor I felt in need of some sort of mechanized assist to get to ground level, and then I mastered going from horizontal to vertical.

By the time I exited my luxury suite all the other inhabitants of the Chandler Oasis had exited to other activities, such as playing pickle ball.

I opted to take my blogging device to the pool patio, which is what you see photo documented at the top, and then go for a salubrious solo skinny dip.

The Chandler Oasis pool was at a cooler temperature than I had been experiencing whilst swimming with the Sun Lakes ladies in their pool. Quite refreshing. I swam for an hour or two, taking libation breaks periodically.

I forgot to mention, I once again tried to take one of those patented Elsie Hotpepper style selfie photos, to no success, with the result being what you see above. I can not see the phone's screen in the bright sunlight.

It is now an hour later. Sister Jackie has returned from pickle balling. We are soon going to be heading north to Scottsdale to Brother Jake's and then on to Fiesta Burrito for a chile relleno.

And then tomorrow I fly back to Texas....

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