Saturday, July 20, 2019

Theo Hires Sand Castle Building Consultant With Ruby & David

After a couple days of amateur sand castle building, Theo hired the services of a professional sand castle builder to instruct himself, and Ruby and David, in the art of fancy sand castle building.

Mama Michele photo documented the results.

In the first photo we see Theo, Ruby and David, along with Mama Kristin, at the start of their intensive sand castle building instructions.

That would be the sand castle construction instructor on the left, next to Ruby.

Prepare to be impressed when you see what resulted from Theo, Ruby and David learning how to build a complex sand castle.

This appears to be a classic Gothic Sand Castle, rising taller than the tallest of the trio.

I know you are wondering if Theo, Ruby and David guarded their latest sand castle til the tide rolled and gradually obliterated it. I do not have the  answer to that probing question.

My information source may be faulty, but it is thought by some that today the sand castle building trio are flying their parental units back to Washington, which is extremely disappointing, because this morning Miss Daisy decided it would be fun to drive to San Diego to surprise the grandkids...

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