Friday, July 5, 2019

Wally The Duck Back Quacking On Lake Wichita

The day before the 2019 version of the 4th of July I learned Wichita Wally was once again floating.

Wally is a HUGE wooden duck. Some time ago he had taken up residence floating in a small pond a short distance from my abode.

And then a few months ago a big wind blew into town which caused Wally to lose his mooring, with the result being Wally required hospitalization due to wind damage, and a lengthy recovery.

So, on Wednesday I learned Wally was fully recovered and back floating, but at a new location, with that location being Lake Wichita, with Wally floating near the Lake Wichita dam spillway.

Today I decided to roll my bike wheels to Lake Wichita to see Wally.

When the spillway came into view I was surprised to see Wally's head sticking above the spillway, as you can see above.

I saw that and thought, oh no, Wally has come lose again and is heading towards the spillway.

But, a few minutes later, when I reached the top of the dam, I was relieved to see Wally was anchored a safe distance from the spillway, in no danger of going over the brink, as you can see via the below photo documentation.

I also learned on Wednesday that investigators from Guinness are trying to determine if Wally is the Biggest Wooden Duck in the World.

If that is found to be the case, that would give Wichita Falls two world records, the Biggest Wooden Duck in the World, and the World's Littlest Skyscraper.

Some towns can only dream of such prestigious honors, in Wichita Falls those type dreams come true...

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