Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Texas Commission For Environmental Quality Wants Your Help

Dear Barnett Shale residents and visitors---

PLEASE take advantage of this EZ way to help clean the air.

If you live in or visit anywhere in the Barnett Shale and encounter an odor you suspect is related to natural gas activity in any way, the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ) wants to know about it.

TCEQ has stated publicly that they investigate ALL complaints and will dispatch a field inspector to your door within 12 hours of your complaint. Documentation is a critical first step to obtain the essential data. Your report will enable TCEQ to take enforcement action to stop toxic emissions.

Here's all you need to do.

Step 1- Print out the Odor Log and Nuisance Affidavit forms.

Step 2- Fill out the simple forms, to the best of your recollection, immediately after encountering an odor.

Step 3- Call the toll-free TCEQ Complaint Hotline and register your complaint. 1-888-777-3186

Step 4- When a TCEQ agent arrives, request their ID and hand them the forms. Keep copies for your records.

Step 5- Keep a personal record of your experience with the TCEQ for future reference.

Step 6- Repeat as often as necessary.


TXsharon said...

Thank you for spreading the word!

Pat said...

I thought the gas from those wells has no odor. The gas we get from Atmos energy has had odor added to it, so we cal tell if we are being poisoned....not so with the Chesapeake gas.

Anonymous said...

There are so many chemicals involved and dissolved (into ground and air)with drilling related activities that there are certain odors associated with them. You'll eventually acquire this new "sense" and you can thank gassers like Cheat-sapeake for making you extra-sensory (hopefully not extra-ill). We little people are just potential sources of cheap labor and properties, as in theft by lease contracts, robbery by eminent domain, and public water by collaboration/s with OUR GOVERNMENTAL ENTITIES. If we happen to live or to get in their way, we're deemed "acceptable losses" or "collateral damages"--as in what military planners calculate before battle b/c they know that there will be some casualties with the main question being who/how many is "acceptable".