Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Mysterious Turquoise Blue Chesapeake Energy Pond In Far East Fort Worth

Way back on November 7 I blogged about the pond you see in the picture. On that day it was cloudy and so the pond did not look the unnatural shade of turquoise blue it looks under a clear sky.

I said I'd get a picture of the pond on a clear day, which turned out to be today on my way to Arlington.

This is a Chesapeake Energy pond located a few feet east of the intersection of Brentwood Stair Road and Cooks Lane in far East Fort Worth.

So, what's in this "water"? How is it used in conjunct with the Chesapeake Barnett Shale gas well that is adjacent to the Blue Pond?

What is in this pond that is so dangerous it requires being surrounded by chain link fence and barbed wire? It appears a dam-like structure was built to hold in the "water."

If that "dam" broke the "water" would flow towards the apartments you see in the background.

Are chemicals flashing off from this "water?" What happens to a bird that lands on this water?

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