Saturday, December 12, 2009

Message For The Mad Texas Grandma & Wal-Mart

I have not heard from Mad Texas Grandma for a few days. She left on a cruise last Saturday. I assume she is still lost at sea.

If you missed who the Texas Grandma is mad at, you can read all about that here. Short version, the Mad Texas Grandma believes her vehicle was towed illegally from the Stadium Wal-Mart on November 21 while she attended a high school football game at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium.

The picture is one Mad Texas Grandma took of the sparsely parking Wal-Mart parking lot the day after her vehicle was stolen.

I heard from another victim of A-AArlington Towing, I'll call Ryan J. This victim had his pickup stolen by the towing company from its perfectly legal parking position somewhere in Fort Worth. Somehow, during the course of towing the pickup, A-AArlington lost the pick-up bed's cover. A cover that costs around $2,000.

Ryan J. did not even have to go all legal on A-AArlington. Presented with the fact the towing was illegal and that they caused substantial damage to Ryan J.'s vehicle, A-AArlington cut him a check to cover the damages. I don't know if he got extra for pain and suffering. But he did find a replacement bed cover cheaper than the original.

Yesterday I got an interesting email regarding the towing of over 50 vehicles from the Stadium Wal-Mart Parking lot. I'll copy it below...

I think it's pretty obvious to anyone that the people who's cars were towed were trying to save a buck. They did not want to pay the ridiculous parking fee being charge at the lots around the stadium. Walmart has signs telling people "No Event Parking."

It would be my guess that those signs stop most people from attempting to park for free. On that Saturday night of October 21 over 50 drivers chose to risk parking on the Walmart lot.

My thinking is this. Those people parking on the Walmart lot did not hurt Walmart at all. I live near that Walmart parking lot. There is always plenty of parking available. On that Saturday night there would have been a lot of parking available, especially by midnight.

Why would Walmart want to risk the goodwill of all those potential customers? Of those 50 plus who were towed, had any gone into Walmart and bought something before walking across the street to the game?

Why doesn't Walmart take advantage of the situation and sell parking spots like so many other area businesses do? Wouldn't that make better business sense than putting so many of their customers through the misery and expense of retrieving their cars? Or have someone at the parking lot entry had out a time stamped 2 hour parking pass to all incoming cars, charging a fee if more than 2 hours pass before they check out of the lot.

Surely there must be a more sensible, more business-wise solution, from Walmart's view, than what was done to all those people that Saturday night.

According to what I read the Mad Texas Grandma say, she claims Walmart denies employing A-AArlington. Who told them to tow then? Why doesn't the Mad Texas Grandma contact the Arlington police, telling them she wants to know who was behind authorizing her car be towed.


Usually I hear from Anonymous via comments to this blog, in email I don't recollect anyone being Anonymous before, because, well, I can see their email address, which in Anonymous's case was still pretty anonymous.

Anyway, I agree with Anonymous. Good questions he/she raises.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

The city needs to build an event park n ride or shuttle system. Were there not enough homes left for Jerry Jones to steal to make this happen?

Durango said...

There is sort of a Park n Ride that'll take you from Fort Worth to the stadium, I believe from the downtown transit station. Arlington has no mass transit system except for a few quaint trolleys and pedicabs and taxis.