Saturday, July 9, 2016

World Wonders If Any Officers Killed In Dallas Ambush Had Fort Worth Connections

I saw that which you see here this morning on the front page of the online version of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

My instant reaction to seeing this was to think how bizarre.

That this seemed to be a perverse iteration of the Star-Telegram's long discredited, embarrassing Green With Envy verbiage, which I came to be appalled by soon after my initial exposure to the Star-Telegram and its extreme small town way of covering news in a big city.

Is it really newsworthy that one of the police officers murdered in the Dallas tragedy had some connection to the town 30 miles west of Dallas?

Of all the myriad aspects of the Dallas tragedy that the Star-Telegram might cover I find a story headlined "One of officers killed in Dallas ambush had Fort Worth roots" to be so pointlessly shallow.


CatsPaw said...

Look, Durango, I've seen the same "local connection" angle done in many cities on many stories over the years. Maybe Seattle is too big or too cool to do so, but your curmudgeonliness is misplaced on this story. Officer Zamarripa was known by many people here ... you know, kind of like in an extremely small town. He graduated from Paschal the year before my son did.

Love you, dude, but this story is absolutely "newsworthy" – and not one to shoehorn into your war against the Star-Telegram.

Durango said...


I appreciate your comment. The headline on the Star-Telegram's front page was offputting to me. Like it was trivializing something serious. I can see the validity, in an article about the tragedy, mentioning the victim's connections to Fort Worth, that he graduated high school there or other such information, along with any of the other victim's local connections, such as mom and dad currently live in Fort Worth. Or interviewing the Fort Worth locals who personally knew the victim. Like I said, the headline just seemed trivializing to me.

I knew my opinion of such would aggravate some....

Anonymous said...

On Thursday, the day before the shooting, the Star Telegram ran an article boasting about Fort Worth making a friendliest city list. The article and headline also crowed about Dallas being among the rudest cities in America. Bud Kennedy even retweeted the article on his Twitter page. Stop it, Mr. Kennedy, stop it.