Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday Roller Blading Around Wichita Falls Sikes Lake

Years ago, after a bloody crash in Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area, I gave up roller blading.

That bloody crash was bad. Half the skin off half the left side of my buttocks region was scraped off by sudden contact with cement.

After that bloody crash, I eventually got myself back vertical, slowly making my way back to my vehicular transport.

Dripping blood as I slowly rolled along.

I recollect hobbling into Walmart seeking bandage material, where I discovered a liquid bandage product.

The liquid bandage product worked, stopping the bleeding. Healing soon followed. Within a couple months the bruising subsided and my buttocks region was restored to its pre-crash pristine state.

But, I swore off roller blading. Did not want to go through that type trauma again.

Til this week.

I re-installed my roller blades and had myself a mighty fine time rolling the paved trail around Sikes Lake at Midwestern State University.

Roller blading came back to me like an easily recovered lost memory. That sort of surprised me. I guess it is like riding a bike. Once one masters that skill it stays with one forever.....

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Anonymous said...

JD Granger at Rockin the River and in the water. Photo #20.