Tuesday, July 19, 2016

No Dutch Cuisine With Tarrant County Rabble Rousers Explosive Golden Grenades

A couple weeks ago I got a Facebook invitation from the Tarrant County Rabble Rousers Association inviting me to their Annual Rabble Rousers Lunch taking place in a swanky Country Club in the upscale Fort Worth suburb of Haltom City.

In addition to the location the only other information in the invitation was...

Meet for lunch (Dutch) to see who will get the coveted Golden Grenade this year!

When I read that the lunch was Dutch I found myself being all eager attend, due to the fact I'd not had the pleasure of Dutch cuisine since way back in the 1990s at the Dutch Mother's Inn in the Dutch-American town of Lynden.

When I verbalized to the Queen of the Rabble Rousers my surprise that Dutch cuisine was the specialty of this country club the Queen informed me that the lunch was not Dutch.

Being told the lunch was not Dutch left me confused, but not confused enough to seek further elaboration.

I know nothing about this Golden Grenade thing which the invitation mentions, nor do I know why it is coveted, or who covets it.

I am also a bit confused regarding the concept of Tarrant County Rabble Rousers.

My confusion stems from the fact that while there are plenty of Rabble in Tarrant County, the Rabble seems to do little Rousing, which has long perplexed me, what with there being so much which is so Rousing at this location on the planet, which one would think would Rouse the Rabble.

The Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island Vision Boondoggle comes to mind, with its slow motion wasting of money on nonsense like shiny monuments  to aluminum garbage cans in the center of a roundabout near a bridge whose construction has been halted for months due to incompetent engineering, with that project being directed by the unqualified son of a local congresswoman, hired to motivate his mama to get federal funds for what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle.

An outrageous Boondoggle, yet nary any sort of meaningful protest by a horde of Roused Rabble.....

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Enough Rabble Babble. Are you in or out?