Thursday, July 21, 2016

Eliminating Racist Texas Idiots From Facebook One By One

Way back in November I was appalled to be seeing appalling idiotic racist hate speak on post comments showing up on my Facebook timeline, or wall, or whatever you call it.

The person making the racist hate speak comments about our current president was among those on my Facebook friends list.

I blocked this person and eventually removed the racist from my Facebook friends list.

I blogged about being appalled that such idiots still exist in America, but more than that fact, the fact that multiple other Facebook "friends" of mine had this racist among their Facebook friends.

I blogged about this on two occasions last November in...

No More Mr. Nice Guy Regarding Pseudo Conservative Reactionary Racist Republican Right Wing Nuts and Before Facebook I Had No Idea How Scarily Stupid The Racists Are


A couple days ago the racist idiot showed up on my Facebook timeline again, for the first time since last November.

That is a screen cap of this which you see above.

How anyone can find this type verbiage acceptable is not comprehensible to me.

Last November various of my Facebook "friends" defended the indefensible. One suggested the racist had a drinking problem, which exacerbated thought process problems caused by Vietnam War injuries.

Another excused the racist idiot's racist rants by saying this person has always been kind and helpful to her. Which had me wondering what behavior would this person find excusable, as long as the guy was nice to her? Yes, I know he's a murderer, but he's kind to me. Yes, I know he's a child molester, but he's kind to me.

Well, you get the drift. I hope.

There are twelve people among my Facebook "friends" who are Facebook friends with this reprehensible racist.

Of the twelve, I am going to un-friend the people on this list who I do not actually know and have never actually met or interacted with, separate from Facebook, via email or other message method.

That eliminates six of the twelve. The other six may be eliminated later....

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