Monday, July 18, 2016

E.Coli Levels Low Enough For Return Of Trinity River Tubing

Elsie Hotpepper sent that which you see here to my phone this morning.

An advertisement from the good folks at the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island Vision, also known as America's Biggest Boondoggle, advising polluted water aficionados that Rockin' the River Live in the Trinity is back at Fort Worth's imaginary pavilion on Fort Worth's imaginary island.


Apparently tubing is back from its short excess e.coli caused vacation, with The Boondoggle inviting you to "Come get your butt in the water and a beer in your hand, tube the Trinity River and enjoy free concerts every Thursday."

Way back at the start of this century, when the Trinity River Vision was first foisted, without warning, or public input, on the good people of Fort Worth, did anyone imagine it would come to this, decades later?

I do not recollect when the un-needed flood control, poorly thought out economic development scheme was first announced  that beer drinking inner tube parties in the Trinity River was part of the plan.

And now, here we are, it is 2016, with the number one Trinity River Vision accomplishment being managing to convince a small  number of Fort Worth residents that it is a good idea to get wet in the river everyone used to thing was too polluted to touch.

And which is still too polluted to eat fish one catches in that river.


Anonymous said...

Tubing is back and Panther Island has lost Slide The City to the Clearfork Main Street bridge in the Edwards Ranch development. Slide The City/Fort Worth is July 23rd.

Clearfork is across Hulen Street from Cullen Davis' old place.

Be alert. We are coming up on Cullen's 40th anniversary after all.

Curious Fort Worth Community Member said...

Well, Durango, maybe beer parties dipping butts in the Trinity river water are a rather mediocre accomplishment for the decade of time and the millions of public tax dollars spent; but you must be purposely ignoring the value of the million dollar mosaic covered round thingy that attracts attention and gathers approbation on the Henderson street roundabout?