Saturday, July 23, 2016

102 Degrees HOT With Miss Linda Vibrating Me

I knew this day would come. It always does. But this year that day came later than I have come to expect during my time in HOT Texas.

The first 100 degree day of the year.

This afternoon, arriving at Walmart, I saw a time and temperature sign telling me it was 3:22 and 102 degrees.

I then looked at my vehicle's temperature monitoring monitor and saw what you see above, that I was heading east and a confirmation of that 102 degree temperature.

My vehicle's temperature monitoring monitor is part of the rear view mirror. That would be my cell phone and hands you see reflected in the mirror. How the rear view mirror takes the temperature I have no clue.

Speaking of my cell phone, and who isn't? Today I was enjoying being outdoors in a noisy venue when I felt a strange vibration. I ignored the vibration, which was of short duration. Several minutes later it happened again, also of short duration.

An hour or so later I felt the vibration again, of much longer duration. This vibrating instance I was able to reach in my pocket and pull out my cell phone to see that Miss Linda was calling me, and had called twice previous, vibrating me. I did not get control of my phone fast enough to answer Miss Linda's call.

I don't know how I put my phone in vibration mode. It was not too difficult to figure out how to restore it to normal ring mode.

After I took the above temperature direction photo I called Miss Linda back, and got her voice mail.

I suspect Miss Linda was calling to chat about the recent Republican convention embarrassments. Miss Linda and I share a strong aversion to right wing tea bag nut job types and the ignorant nonsense way too many of them spew.

Miss Linda is a lifelong Washingtonian and pretty much my acquaintance of longest duration, going all the way back to first grade. We did grades one through twelve together and the first two years of college.

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Steve A said...

Don't feel bad, it hit a blistering 61 in Ocean Shores today, which means it is close to 90 in the greenhouse. The tomatoes are LOVING the sun!