Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Drizzly Swim Before Today's Arctic Blast Blew Cold In To Texas

In the picture you are looking north at the northern part of the security fence which protects me from intruders and helps create the illusion I live in a minimum security prison.

This morning when I woke up my computer I saw that the outer world was being heated to 51 degrees. I was expecting the outer world to be colder, what with the predicted Arctic Blast.

When I exited my abode soon after the sun began its daily lighting job I was surprised to find the path to the pool to be damp. And then I realized a light drizzle was drizzling.

This light drizzle must have been the predicted rain which was predicted to precede the predicted Arctic Blast.

The drizzle was so light I really could not say I was swimming in the rain this morning. I could say I was swimming in a strong wind, making for a wind chill factor that did feel a bit chilly. I did three cycles out of the pool into the warm-up device known as a hot tub before terminating this morning's swimming after about 20 minutes.

By mid-morning the ever more breezy wind had blown away the clouds and brought that aforementioned Arctic Blast to town, dropping the temperature into the 40s, on its way to tonight's freeze.

I strongly suspect I will not be going for my regularly scheduled swim tomorrow morning.

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Anonymous said...

The Arctic Blast should go well with Panther Island Ice.