Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Saturday Tandy Hills Hike Where A Fort Worth Hoodoo Still Stands

I had not been on the Tandy Hills since last Saturday's hill hiking. I was pleased to see, on this 2nd Saturday of November's hill hiking that the Tandy Hills Hoodoo is still standing.

When I first mentioned the Tandy Hills Hoodoo I pondered that it likely would soon see the same fate as the infamous hoodoo in Utah's Goblin Valley State Park, which fell to marauding hoodoo hoodlums posing as Boy Scouts.

Steve A opined that the Texas Tandy Hills Hoodoo would likely not meet the same fate as the Utah hoodoo because there are not many Mormons in Texas, that being a reference to the fact  that the rogue hoodoo destroying Utah Boy Scouts were Mormons.


Perfect hiking conditions on the Tandy Hills today. With only me and one other hiker to be seen. Very perplexing.

After getting in some good hill hiking it was off to Town Talk for my regularly scheduled treasure hunting.

Today the best thing I found at Town Talk was a case of Siggi's pomegranate passion fruit yogurt, plus rabbit food in the form of lettuce and carrots. Just remembered, Angus Beef Chipolte Monterey Jack burgers and whole wheat Matzoh crackers to help nourish the Jewish side of my nature.

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