Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thinking About Moving Into The Village Creek Treehouse

A treehouse has appeared in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area which was not in  residence when my mom and I walked with the Indian ghosts this past Sunday.

Or, maybe the treehouse was there and I was too focused on talking to my mom to notice.

The issue of when this treehouse appeared is not what I am curious about.

What I am curious about is why this treehouse has appeared and who is living in it?

And how did this treehouse get erected so high up in the tree?

I've long thought I'd like living in a treehouse.

One of my cousins, long ago, built the most elaborate treehouse I have ever seen. It was Tarzan worthy. That treehouse spanned multiple trees with the various parts of the house accessed via somewhat scary rope bridges.

Changing the subject from treehouses to something else.

I did not go swimming this morning for the first time in quite awhile. When I  looked out my window at the outer world everything looked wet. The temperature had averaged above 50 for over 24 hours and was 56 when the sun arrived, but the overcast dreariness just sucked the swim right out of me.

Coming up on the middle of the afternoon, very little of the predicted rain has dripped, so far, at my location. And I have heard no thunder booms.

Due to the volume of water squirting through the Village Creek Dam Bridge it appeared that in the noon time frame water must have been precipitating somewhere.

Below is a look at the water rushing today in Village Creek....

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