Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hiking Hilly Texas Prairie With Towering Hoodoos Before Finding Borscht

In the photo you are looking east across the Tandy Hills Natural Area prairie at the Fort Worth Space Needle, also known as Tandy Tower and its sister towers of lesser height.

The foliage has become more colorful since I was last on the Tandy Hills, a week ago. Many leaves have decided to turn on the fall color, with some still resisting and remaining green.

There was no muddy sign, on any of the trails I traversed today, of Wednesday's mini-deluge. I was not sure that would be the case, but decided the Tandy Hills were my go to place today, even if there was a slight chance of mud.

If you are reading this and are a local, as in someone living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex zone, and you have never hiked the Tandy Hills, now would be your perfect time to do so. Perfect temperature, perfect trails, perfect prairie and even though it is now November there are still wildflowers adding that type color to the fall colors.

The towering Tandy Hoodoo which leans over the intersection of the View Street Trail and the Trail to Tandy Falls remains towering, as you can see. I had some concern that recent winds would have toppled the Tandy Hills newest  monument.

Upon completing the hill hiking, because it is Saturday, I was off to Town Talk to do some treasure hunting.

Today the most unusual thing I got at Town Talk was 3 jars of Borscht. The label claims the Borscht is all-natural. The only ingredients are beets, water, sugar and salt. By all-natural does that mean it was made in Russia? I did not look long enough at the label to determine the country of origin.

I also got a big block of jalapeno jack cheese, two tubs of artisan lettuce, steak burritos, blue corn tortillas and tomatoes.

The only time I remember having Borscht was years ago at Pike Place Market in Seattle at a Russian food purveyor's place.

One more look, from today, of the fall colors coloring up the Tandy Hills....

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