Monday, November 4, 2013

The First Monday Of November Dawns Cloudy Thinking About Sundance Square Plaza

As you can see, via the photo on the left, this first Monday of November, Day 4 of the 11th Month of 2013, appears to be stormy at my location on the planet.

Rain is in the forecast for today and the next couple days.

So far I have seen nary a drop.

The outer world was warmed to 55 degrees when I ventured out to that turquoise oasis you see under the cloudy sky.

The temperature of the water has taken a dive towards chilly since yesterday, which had today's morning swim requiring 3 retreats to the hot tub.

Changing the subject to something else.

I have heard nothing but good things about downtown Fort Worth's newly opened Sundance Square (Plaza). Some of the good things have come from the usual Chamber of Commerce propaganda puffing sorts.

So, I did not know how reliable the glowing new plaza descriptions were, burned as I have been, more than once, by downtown Fort Worth Santa Fe Rail Market type deceptive reporting.

And then there was what the Galtex's had to say about the new plaza. The Galtex's live in downtown Fort Worth. They are world travelers, so unlike many of the locals, the Galtex's have been to other cities in other states than Texas and other countries than the United States.

On Facebook this is what Mr. Galtex had to say.......

The new Sundance Square has completely changed my perception of downtown Fort Worth; at last it feels like a real city. This afternoon we enjoyed Rockestra, an electric string quartet performing Lady Gaga songs, and Alex McDonald performing a Haydn piano sonata.

And this is what Mrs. Galtex had to say on Facebook...

We live downtown and aren't big fans of Sundance Square. BUT... Sundance actually has a SQUARE now (rather than a parking lot) and it is AMAZING. I feel like I finally live in a real city with lots of cool events to get me out of the house. YAY!

I have not yet made it to downtown Fort Worth to check out the finished plaza. I am guessing when I do see it I am going to like it, like I like the Water Gardens at the south end of downtown, and used to like Heritage Park at the north end of downtown, until the irresponsible Fort Worth powers that be allowed Heritage Park to turn into a boarded up eyesore.

Except for the aforementioned boarded up eyesore, downtown Fort Worth has had itself a lot of positive changes in the past year. Getting rid of that embarrassing Courthouse Annex may be the #1 improvement.

I think I will likely make my first visit to Sundance Square Plaza on Black Friday, that being the Day after Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year, when there will surely be throngs of shoppers thronging all the stores in downtown Fort Worth, with Sundance Square Plaza packed with Holiday Celebrators.....


Anonymous said...

As you can imagine, it galls me to admit that the Fort Worth oligarchy did something worthwhile and admirable, but I'll give them credit for Sundance Square. Two beautiful weekend afternoons spent just sitting in the plaza enjoying the entertainment and people watching.

We were hoping to see you there, Durango.

Mr Galtex

Gail Galtex (GG) said...

Hi Durango,

Yes, you're right about getting rid of that ugly courthouse annex building. Even with all the rubble piled up, it immediately looked better on the west side. The courthouse is such a beautiful building and this is a huge improvement too.

Steve A said...

I'll try to make it there this Saturday .