Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Walkabout In My Neighborhood Finds A Stuffed Recycle Bin Plus A Water Leak & Wildflowers

This 2nd Sunday of the 11th month of November I decided to forego my regularly scheduled drive to a hiking, biking or walking location to instead take one of my irregularly scheduled tours of my neighborhood.

A couple months ago the big Recycle Bin you see in the picture appeared at the Havenwood apartment complex on Boca Raton Boulevard.

Multiple times since this Recycle Bin appeared I have noticed it being filled to the bursting point.

In addition to being a littering eyesore this would seem to defeat the purpose of having a Recycle Bin.

I know several people who live in the Havenwood Apartment complex. This complex is on both sides of Boca Raton Boulevard, with a couple hundred units. The above is the one and only Recycle Bin, requiring quite an effort for many of the residents to get to the recycling location.

And now, today, one of the tenants, who I talked to whilst doing my picture taking, told me that the residents are being charged $1.95 a month for the privilege of recycling, which they are currently prevented from doing due to the Recycle Bin not being able to accept Recyclables.

Continuing on with my tour of my neighborhood I walked towards Albertsons.

I know here in North Texas we have no shortage of water, so leaks are no big deal.


The above leak has been leaking for weeks, maybe months. One loses track of time. This watery view is looking east on the aforementioned Boca Raton Boulevard. Albertsons is to the right, with the newly relocated Italy Pasta & Pizza restaurant straight ahead, with its Grand Opening balloon sitting on its roof.

The leak is leaking in copious amounts, at what appeared to be the rate of water leaking being at the level of a kitchen faucet wide open. This likely amounts to quite a few gallons of water down the drain per hour, per day, per month.

Not everything I saw on my neighborhood walk today was disturbing. There was nothing disturbing about the patch of orange wildflowers I walked by soon after leaving the stuffed Recycle Bin. Maybe Fort Worth's renowned horticulturist, CatsPaw, can identify this colorful  beauty....


CatsPaw said...

Are you trying to punk me, Mr Durango? That is a pansy. One of our happiest cool weather flowers, and usually planted with multiples of its brethren.

Durango said...

I don't know how to do this punk thing of which you speak, Miss CatsPaw. Thank you for informing flower ignorant me that this was a happy pansy.