Saturday, November 9, 2013

National Brothers Week Has Me Wishing Nephew Joey A Happy Birthday While Wondering About Spencer Jack's Seattle World's Fair Mug

This morning's 2nd Saturday of November blogging will be relatively un-annoying with relatively nothing about this particular blogging having anything to do with Texas, other than the fact that I am currently typing in Texas.

This morning I saw on Facebook, via Miss Martha, that currently, supposedly, we are celebrating "National Brothers Week".

I had not heard of this and thus have not been celebrating this particular special week.

I do have a brother. My brother is 13 months younger than me. My two oldest nephews are my brother's kids, those being Spencer Jack's dad, my favorite nephew Jason and Spencer Jack's uncle, my favorite nephew Joey.

Speaking of Joey. And who isn't? Tomorrow is Joey's birthday. Happy Birthday, a day early, Joey.

I remember like it was yesterday, driving south from Bellingham to United General Hospital to see the newly born Joey for the first time.

This morning my aforementioned brother's eldest, he being the aforementioned favorite nephew Jason, emailed me a couple photos. I was a bit surprised by what I saw in these two photos.

Okay, it is not all that surprising seeing Spencer Jack with a hamburger. I have no idea what is on the plate next to the hamburger. What surprised me was Spencer Jack's drinking glass. From the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. Which would make Spencer Jack's drinking glass over a half century old.

On one of my mom and dad's kid-free visits to the Seattle World's Fair they bought souvenir glasses. These were insulated thermos glasses. The glasses were different colors. Mine was turquoise.

This is what Spencer Jack's dad had to say about this particular glass and the below photo....

"Aunt Jackie's 1962 Seattle World's Fair mug in Spencer Jack's Lego room next to his Lego Space Needle with a Lego Monorail track in the background."

I have no idea how Jason and Spencer Jack came to have possession of my sister Jackie's Seattle World's Fair glass. I had no idea any of these glasses, now antiques, still existed.

A few weeks ago Jason put on Facebook a video of Spencer Jack operating the four trains running on various tracks on his elaborate railroad system. While the four trains chug along, the Seattle Monorail autopilots around Spencer Jack's virtual town.

I wanted to turn Spencer Jack's railroad engineer video into a YouTube video, which I could blog, but Facebook, thwarted me in that effort.

Before hitting the publish button, I have to say, one more time......



CatsPaw said...

I am beyond startled by seeing you employ an exclamation point.

Durango said...

Sorry, CatsPaw, did not want to startle you, what with your delicate nature being so vulnerable to being unexpectedly startled!!!!